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Personal TrAINING

All Personal Training sessions begin with a FREE Fitness Consultation. We will meet in person or virtually. A time for us to get to know each other and discuss your current fitness level, goals and medical history. There are a few short assessments that may be done to identify some of your strengths and/or weaknesses. We will discuss a plan and a schedule to begin your exercise program on the journey to achieving your fitness goals! 


What a 1 hour Personal Trianing Session may look like:

Warm up - 5-10 mins 

Movement patterns to gradually bring up the bodies core temperature and bring bloodflow to the muscles. May include foam rolling and facial release.  


Circuit - 45 mins

A combination of resistance training for strength, short cardio bursts, core work and balance exercises. Typically 3 to 4 sets. 


Cool down & stretch - 5-10 mins



Having a Personal Trainer gives you peace of mind that you will be able to focus on the exercises provided while someone is keeping a close eye on you. Assuring that you maintain proper form and making necessary adjustments and modifications when needed. You will recieve the attention required with injury prevention being a priority. Your workouts will be customized with your strengths, weaknesses and fitness goals in mind. You will be encouraged to meet physical challenges in a fun and supported way! 


One-on-One Personal Training

Partner Personal Training

Small Group Training - still the personal experience in a small group setting of 2-6 people. 

Weekly Exercise and Movement Classes

Contact Cheryl Bressi at Total Balance Fitness for all Personal Training and Session prices. 

Complete and return the forms below & schedule your FREE Fitness Assessment.

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