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Available for Virtual and In-person Training

Fitness is Fun

Total Balance Fitness offers personalized exercise programs designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Get motivated to move your total body through Functional Training with an emphasis on safety and proper body alignment. Progressive Corrective Exercises to lengthen and strengthen where needed.  

Improve your balance, flexibility and muscle strength. Boost your energy levels and metabolism to help with weight loss goals. Improve bone density while slowing down muscle degeneration which often occurs with aging. 


Movement is fundamental for maintaining a healthy body and mind!  

Meet your Trainer

From the dance world to the fitness industry. Movement is my passion. I am inspired to share my knowledge for implementing safe mindful exercise programs along with identifying and assessing areas in life that would benefit with change.

With me now being in my “prime” middle aged years, I particularly enjoy guiding and working with women as they age. 

Every little bit counts. Small changes = big difference. 
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I will hold you accountable



Let's focus on You.

 Have fun & achieve your goals  with 2 to 4 people


Group ExerCise 

Open group sessions are offered several times a week.

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I have several certifications as a personal trainer including NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and as a CES- Corrective Exercise Specialist. I am also certified to teach Matt Pilates.


If you are like me and you need a little extra motivation to get moving I highly recommend Total
Balance Fitness. Personal training by Cheryl Bressi has been the answer to getting this 61 year
old retired teacher moving and excited about getting in shape. I had the pleasure of going to
Cheryl’s personal studio until she moved to the west coast. Now I am fortunate to have the
opportunity to enjoy Zoom exercise sessions with Cheryl. It’s just like being in her studio...she
doesn’t miss a trick. Cheryl is extremely knowledgeable and knows exactly how far to push me
so I can reach my highest potential without hurting myself. We work on strength training,
flexibility, cardio, and balance. I have to say I feel so much better physically, mentally, and
emotionally after my sessions. The best part of my experience with Total Balance Fitness is
that Cheryl has become a friend. Her easy going, fun, professional and caring personality has
motivated me to keep on moving. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

—  Karla Amburgey  |  Moorestown, NJ


Your Personal Gym

Build your home gym

and learn how to use it!

More than Just Personal Training

Work towards change in all areas of life. Movement, Nutrition, Restoration and Passion & Purpose.

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